Innovate Future
WANXIN is dedicated to building a sustainable future for vision care industry by investing in R&D. Innovation will always be in our DNA powered by technologies expertise and market understanding.
65 million R&D investment in 2020, annual R&D investment is not less than 5% of revenue
45 valid patents, including 10 invention patents
50 R&D technicians
Safe Solution
From glasses design, to material selection, manufacturing methods, and innovative coatings, we create glasses safety solutions suitable for any working environment through advanced detection technology and strict test schemes to maximize the comfort and safety of users.
Customized Design
Create perfect solutions according to needs
High-end Materials
Meet the durability in extreme environments
Advanced Technology
Ensure vital quality performance and safety
Leading Coating
Improve comfort and meet various applications
Diversified Cooperation
Innovation is not only about product and technological innovation, but also about realizing new management and new business models, ensuring our stable and sound development in the future market, meeting customer needs and providing more beneficial added value.
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