From here, you will learn about our entire development process of the frame.
WANXIN has a strict quality control standard on products. According to different types of frames, we will have different testing standards for each batch of frames, including tensile testing. Artificial sweat test; Roller test; Outward opening and closing test, etc. To ensure the appearance detail and durability of our products.
Design Concepts
We draw inspiration from different sources, interpret current fashion trends, and form excellent, practical and fashionable frame concepts.
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Complete Production Process
The manufacture of our frames includes up to 50 different stages involving high-precision machines, skilled hands, and quality control of each individual step.
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Catch Excellence by
Chasing Perfection
Outstanding quality
Outstanding quality is the foundation of excellent products. To this end, we make every effort to ensure product quality and aesthetics, and continue to improve.
33 frames performance test
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