Excellence is achieved by strict quality control and testing
We believe that strict product quality is the foundation for the development of an enterprise. To this end, we make every effort to continuously improve the process, use multiple procedures to strictly control the quality, to ensure that every eyewear product is perfect, and to pursue zero-compromise quality requirements.
In addition to the process inspection in the production process, we also have an independent product performance testing laboratory for appearance and color testing, opening and closing testing, fatigue testing, tensile performance testing, sweat corrosion testing, lens falling ball impact test, scratch wear, Polarized light detection and other detection tests.
Excellence is achieved by strict quality control and testing
In the Wanxin Eyewear laboratory, there are 33 advanced test facilities and equipment, and 33 tests of various performance requirements will be carried out on the products. Each product needs to go through a series of rigorous tests, use data to verify the quality, and strive for perfection.
Fatigue test
No damage after 600 rotations, open deformation <5mm
Hinge fatigue test
5000 times opening and closing does not break
Elasticity test
The two temples are opened 50mm, and the difference of reset is less than 2mm
Opening and closing test
Open and close 20000 times inward and outward
Provide consistent high-quality frames
We conduct various performance tests on spectacle samples to fully verify product reliability. This is our passion for the quality of glasses and our pride.
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