Wanxin Optics won many honors at the 2021 Sushang Leaders Annual Meeting

The 2021 Soviet Business Leaders Annual Meeting was grandly opened, and Wanxin Optical Group Co., Ltd. attended this annual meeting.


Focusing on the theme of "recognizing the change, seeking the overall situation, and opening a new game", a series of parallel forums such as the 2021 Wudao Forum (Spring), the Industrial Interconnection and Digital Economy Innovation and Development Forum, etc. were launched at the same time. A fierce confrontation of views was launched and talked about the new path of industrial development.


At the licensing ceremony for new members of the Sushang Development Promotion Association and the Sushang Banquet Award Ceremony, Wanxin Optics Group was named "Vice President Unit of Jiangsu Sushang Development Promotion Association", and Mr. Tang Feng, President of Wanxin Optics Group, was awarded "Vice President of Jiangsu Sushang Development Promotion Association" title.


At the 2021 Sushang Leaders Annual Meeting and the 2020 Sushang Annual Figure Series Selection Award Ceremony, Mr. Tang Feng, President of Wanxin Optical Group, was awarded the title of "2020 Sushang Science and Technology Innovation Star".


Since its establishment, Wanxin Optics has always been adhering to the corporate values of open innovation, and through various innovations, it has continuously improved its competitiveness and created more wealth and value for the society:


Innovating production and promoting smart upgrades-becoming the world's first lens factory with a substrate production capacity of 100 million pieces/year and lens shipments accounting for 1/12 of the world;


Scientific research and innovation, mastering core technology-won the "National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise", "Key Enterprise R&D Institution", "Jiangsu Province Recognized Enterprise Technology Center", "China Patent Excellence Award" and many other honors and qualifications along the way;


Product innovation to meet market demand-with consumer demand as the first priority, through the planning of six categories, we will continue to research and develop innovative breakthroughs, create professional products, and guide consumers to make correct decisions. Products now cover different needs of all age groups, occupying In the domestic market, the high, middle and low levels of the market share.


In the future, we will continue to innovate, continue to build the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and always take the promotion of the rapid development of the entire glasses industry as our responsibility, and inject more strength into Jiangsu's economic and social development with practical actions.

Published in Apr 10, 2021
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